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The time has come that I have dreaded for over 3 years now.  My parents home is officially up for sale.  Lately I have met myself with all sorts of emotions about things in life.  The reality of certain people, places and things only being in our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime.  Sometimes these things are easy to let go of, and sometimes they feel so hard to let go of that it might take a lifetime, or two or three, to move on from them.  Even when you know in your heart that closing that door will be the best thing for you to truly move on in life.  I'm finding in some areas of life, those doors may just be too damn heavy for me to close all the way, and that I have to learn to dance with life when the light fades through the cracks and I'm faced with only my heart thoughts in the darkness.  Dancing in the dark can be thrilling, but it can also be messy.  You can stumble over things you didn't know were there, fall and scrape your knees, sometimes knock yourself out unconscious if you fall just right. 

These messy parts though, I don't entirely mind the discomfort that they bring.  They are full of life.  Maybe not the I'm-so-happy-I-just-want-to-sing-while-I-sweep-the-floors kind of life, but there is a tale of life within them.  Life is both that lucky ol' sun who gets to roll around heaven all day, and also the shadows that blanket the earth, revealing the parts of our hearts that go unseen by the light of the moon.

This is me, standing in witness of my need to dance in the dark right now.