images left to right:  danmala teas // leah hoffman // megan starr // honey jorgensen

I realized I have not been sharing any updates about The Bohemian Collective over here, or about the upcoming magazine I am working on for it.  This past year I have really tried to separate my personal blog from that one, but I know not everyone follows us over there, so I'll try to share a few updates here and there.  (And btw, we would love if you followed our blog over there.  We have 3-4 new blog posts per week now.  It is such a loving, light filled space.)

Some of you may have noticed my creations for Roots and Feathers have slowed down dramatically over the past two months.  I have been focusing most of my time into this magazine, which I am getting so excited about releasing!  I have gathered up some really inspiring women to share their art, stories and creations, including some you can make too!  Above are just a few little sneak peek of some of the images that will be in this first issue. 

The projected launch date will be late Sept to mid October, to be announced.  I'll be shooting two of the main editorials next week, and I am so over the moon excited about the interview that will be accompanying one of them.  This has truly been my biggest labor of love so far and I can't wait to see where it goes.  My biggest dream is that it will be something sustaining that I can continue to create for years and years to come. 

Bohemian Collective Magazine

I shared the above flyer over on The Bohemian Collective a couple weeks ago, and thought I would share it here too.  I have extended the deadline for ads until Sept 15th.  They are selling out quickly and I only have a few spaces for each size left, so get in touch with me quickly if you are interested.  Once the spaces are filled up, they are filled up.  I'm keeping advertising to a minimum, but wanted to offer the space for all my creatives friends out there who would love to be featured!  The magazine will be available in both digital and print forms.  (I'm mostly so excited about the print).  I can't wait to hold it in my hands.  I already decided I will be buying 2 copies for myself so I can rip pages out of one of them like I used to in high school! 

Eeeekkkk... I'm so nervous and excited and overjoyed!!!