Katelyn & Laura

Before time slips away from me I wanted to take a moment to share a little of my weekend with Katelyn.  We have been friends for 6+ years, after meeting in an online photography forum.  We began chatting and the rest is history.  We both have a deep love for photography and have worked together on many shoots, including several for the Bohemian Collective.  It had been a while since we had worked together in this way, so I had her come to my house to shoot one of the editorials for the next magazine issue.  This was the first time we had ever spent time together just the two of us.  Usually her two precious kiddos are with her and sometimes her hubby.  You never know how the dynamics are going to go when you are so used to being with someone in a certain context, and it was so nice! 

It's so wonderful having a friend you can be completely yourself with, have real conversations with and never feel embarrassed or ashamed, and even be able to have some rough patches of emotions with, and be able to work through them and still remain close.  Weve both been through alot and have gone through many personal changes since we met.  I think we have both taught each other a bit about forgiveness, working through fears or jealousy, being vulnerable, and being there, just simply being there.  We go wayyyyyy beyond the surface with our relationship, and that I am grateful for.

And we rocked a really fun photoshoot together for the mag that I can't wait to share!  We skinny dipped.  We ate breakfast together on my back porch.  She watched me sit on the couch with a migraine ( so much fun, right? ).... It was so quick, but so nice!