I'm finally finding the energy and time to share a little update over in this corner of my world.  My poor little blog has been so neglected, as well as the bohemian collective.  *sigh* But life has had some other priorities lately, that I will share with you tomorrow!  It will 100% be the biggest announcement I have ever made!  Alot is changing over here in our world. 

I even forgot to post over here that the magazine was released, that is how out of it I have been.  Hopefully most of you saw through the instagram or fb posts.  But in case you missed it, read about how to grab a copy here.

As you can see in the pic above,  I chopped several inches off my hair!  I was a little sad the first few days after, but it definitely does feel fresh and light.  Like a new start.  Appropriate for this season in my life. 

I am feeling so utterly behind on all of my commitments, posts I need to share, emails I need to answer, etc.  The list goes on, and it terrifies me.  If you are waiting on a response from me, please know I will get to it, everything is just taking me a very long time right now.  Hopefully I won't be MIA for too much longer, just adjusting to a huge new shift... And it most definitely is a time to be gentle myself, no matter what.  After receiving some negative feedback from an unsatisfied contributor to my magazine the other day, I realized just how fragile I am in this moment.  I feel vulnerable, like I am cracking open in very new ways... it's exciting, scary, heart bursting, soft and uncomfortable, all at once.  Life has presented itself to me in the most incredible way.  I feel like I have been handed a most precious key, to life, to myself, and to the future.  And now it's up to me to protect it.