Just a little update to let you know I have all the links up on my Featured Brands page now!  A great quick reference to the rad Handmade Artists & Brands I have collabed with here on the blog, the Bohemian Collective and my instagram.  These are all people I personally love, respect & sport.  Ive broken them up in sections of Brands (larger companies or smaller boutiques who sell others brands), Handmade Artists (all handmade jewelry & clothing designers), Herbals (you guessed it, herbal products) and Home Decor.  This will help you to find things a bit quicker if your looking for something specific.  I will update this list as often as possible!

I am beyond blessed and honored to work with so many rad people.  It truly is something that brings me so much joy, to share the work of other artisans I believe it.  Which as many of you know is partly why I started the Bohemian Collective.  My personal world and the world of the boho collective often blend together, so if it's been in a lookbook over there, it most likely has also been featured over here in my personal, day to day style, or on my instagram.  The two worlds definitely collide. 

I know it can be hard to find someone sifting through old blog posts, plus Squarespace only shows the latest 30 style posts at a time (such a bummer)... So hopefully this list will be of help to my readers! 

A huge thank you to all of the amazing artists and brands who have given me the pleasure & honor to work with you over the years.  It's been an amazing journey and has bloomed some amazing friendships, conversations and so much more.  I will never stop being in awe of art, and the people who make it come to life.