I'm pretty much in love with today's post, b/c well, I'm pretty much in love with my adorable pup Violet Mae.  She wanted to share off her new Earthbound Trading bed with you guys!  She loves to lay on this spot on the porch everyday, and she is pretty happy that now its a little cozier.  She is getting up in age and is dealing with arthritis, so she doesn't jump up into her other chair much, and I imagine the cushion is helping her back legs a bit.  And besides that its just plain adorable!

Earthbound has a whole pet line now and our family is pretty stoked about it!!!!  Violet Mae says thank you Earthbound!!!  Btw, look how adorable she is in one of their handkerchiefs!!  They are not up on their site yet, but be on the lookbook.  It's sooooo soft!

Oh yeah, Frogs like dog beds too!  This little guy hung out on Violet's bed from nighttime to early morning and watched the sun rise.  NO JOKE!!!