Forgiveness is understanding,
That I may never know,
Why we hurt each other,
Or which one of us needs to grow.


Kaypacha's video spoke right to my heart last night.  This space I have been maneuvering through this past month, and still journeying on through September it looks like, has been twisty, uneasy, and out of the blue, and at the same time so healing, needed and full of breaking my heart open to release past shards that were left stuck inside of it where I just let the muscle just grow right over.  This month has been like a surgeon, digging deeply in to find the culprits and plucking them out one by one so that my heart can soften, forgive, and pump wildly for what deserves its attention. 

I have been a coward, and I have also been brave.  I have spoken my truth.  I have shared my heart, and I have held my own heart on the shower floor.  I have forgiven, and I have also allowed ego to still hold on.  I have begged for answers, and am softening into never having them.  I am gathering my bones, and I will make a fucking beautiful life and work of art out of them.