A Night out with Fred Eaglesmith >>>

 Last night we saw one of my alltime favorite musicians play at Floores.  Fred Eaglesmith holds a sweet spot in my heart, and especially b/c its shared between me and my bestie.  The songs from Paradise Motel just bring me back to a time in my life and make me want to weep everytime I hear them.  This was the first time seeing him since his mandolin player passed away.  He is now paired up with The Ginn Sisters (who are from Texas) for this tour.  They were amazing and made me want more more more.  They kind of intoxicated me.  Im so glad that this canadian loves to come to our home town about once a year.  Ill never forget the first time I saw him play at the Cabaret in our hometown before it shut down.  And then another time that was just so very special... The first week James and I started dating.  We drove to Gruene with our friends and had a magical evening.  One of my top memories for several reasons.

Of course I was excited to get dolled up for a night out... you know how I love the clothes.  A true weakness.  I thought Id show you real quick how I transitioned what I wore during the day to my evening outfit.  Simple change of the shorts to a skirt, mocs to boots and throw on a sweater and accessories.  These are my favorite kind of outfits.  Do you spy miss Violet in the background?  :)
 <<< outfit details >>>
sweater - threadsence
tank - forever 21
skirt - forever 21
 tights - target
boots - blowfish
 necklace & bracelet - moorea seal
 earrings - roots and feathers (coming soon)

Here are just a few of my favorite Fred Eaglesmith songs:

CSNY Threads >>>

Yesterday's outfit was full of some of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe.  This golden crochet fringe cardigan is just about my new favorite piece.  The moment I saw it, it just screamed my name.  Nanna, this is another piece I got with my giftcard :)  My custom CSNY dress from PPP is pretty stellar if I say so myself.  I searched for this shirt to revamp for a long time.  I found it on ebay as a mens xxxl and it made the perfect dress.  If anyone EVER comes across this vintage shirt as a regular small size PLEASE let me know.  Id probably wear it everyday of my life.  And I could pair just about anything with these blue velvet pants from Threadsence.  They have completely filled the shoes of the bellbottom ones I had in junior high/high school.  As you can see, these Blowfish flats go with just about any outfit on the block!  The lovely red and teal tassel earrings came from Rachel of La Belle Vie.  So darling!  And the braided leather bracelets are from my collection from Flourish Leather.
We spent the afternoon yesterday picking up a rental car.  My boy had two deer run into his car on the way to work the other morning.  Yes, they ran into him!  It happens out here in the hillcountry.  I knew a girl who on two separate occasions had a deer jump off a cliff area onto her car!  Or at least she said so.  Sounds like an exaggeration to me, but honestly something I could see really happening.  Today, Im playing catch up from the past two days.  Time to get my butt to work!  Here is some of CSNY for you to listen to.  Not as great as listening to them on vinyl, but better than nothin!


Blue Velvet + Chevron Stripes >>>

The day before yesterday was an elaborately set up plan to get our friend Jonny into a music store to pick out a guitar.  We have been planning this for a long long time.  James really feels like he owes it to him for getting him back into his passions of playing guitar more, so this was his way of thanking him.  So we, and Jonny's sister and friend all went in together to make this dream come true.  We told him we were taking him out for pizza and had a few errands to run, including picking up some strings at the guitar store.  The traffic was so crazy b/c of christmas, it ended up being an alllll day affair, but so worth it!  He went home with a lovely acoustic bass guitar!  We LOVE you Jonny!  I cant wait for the boys to jam in James new band room!!!

And you know me, all crazy about my threads, I got to wear my blue velvet pants from Threadsence!  So in love.  I used to have a pair of blue velvet bell bottoms in high school but they got trashed, so these are like part nostalgic for me, but in a more modern cut.  And... I totally forgot that you can fold your Blowfish boots down!!!  So I wore them as tennies.  My favorite Skyline Fever tank paired with a chevron striped tunic from Ross.  And as always topped off with my Moorea Seal and Flourish bracelets.

Today I baked about 6 dozen cookies, and prepped for more tomorrow.  I also built my first fire by myself and kept it going almost all day long.  Tomorrow will be equally filled with baking and visiting with James family.  Is tomorrow really christmas eve?  My vacation is officially half over and I have a feeling its going to go by fast with so much going on...