I know Ive been a little quiet in this space this past week.  Ive just been busy in other areas that were more important for the time being.  We finally got photos of James new Skyline Fever stuff, that we will be releasing in the next few days!  It's only half of the new collection.  We decided to split it up into two parts.  Im so in love with all of them, and I can't wait for him to share them with the world!  It's been a long time since conception to final edits.  He could really use this launch to regain his spirits too.  He just lost a longtime family cat of about 21 years.  We had to put her back into the ground yesterday and it was hard for him.  Watching him go over to his parents house after work the past few days just to spend some time with Tinker in her last days was just another reminder at how tender my husbands heart is.  He is so caring.  He is so good with all of our animals.  Tinker will be missed.

The images above are from my sacred space through may.  It was mainly intentioned towards manifesting abundance.  In the next two days leading up to the new moon I will clear this space for a new beginning for June, my birth month!  Hard to believe its already here, another year.  30 has been an good, intense, messy, learning, healing, lonely, insightful, transformational year.  I can only imagine what 31 will bring.   

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This month I am taking Laura Emily's Manifesting Abundance course, and so far its been a beautiful thing to mix spirit with finance.  I set up my sacred space for this month just for this, manifesting.  Ill show more of it later... These are just a few from my new moon solar eclipse night with this space.  I burned a candle along with some herbs and citrine quartz while stating all of the abundance I am manifesting at this time.  I've been writing these things down for months now it seems, but it felt really good to just sit there and verbally speak them out loud as they came to me. 

Seeing my friends baby come into this world this week has actually shifted my perspective in alot of ways, and has all of a sudden made me realize that having a child really is something I want in my life, sooner than later.  Ive been so scared for so long since my mom died, but I think now being surrounded by my closest friends having their own first time babies, its shifted something in me.  Seeing that even though her pregnancy and birth did not go the way she dreamt it would at all, but seeing her face when she got to hold her baby, just made all of that go away and so worth it.  And seeing Jeff's face the day she was born made me know exactly how James would feel, and I want him to experience that.  Kind of crazy how one little baby can all of a sudden create this feeling inside of me. 

Im also about to be doing a 10 day fast with Laura Emily that starts tomorrow.  (you can still join us by today!!!)  It's going to be an intense one though.  Im so nervous, but looking forward to the detox and release from it.  The perfect timing for the things Ive been shedding lately.  It will be the physical part to my emotional/spiritual release.  Warning:  I may be very grumpy for the next two weeks, ha ha!  I have no idea!  <---- I think that is more of a warning to my husband!

Happy mother's day to everyone!  Including those who are not mothers to children, but who are mothers to creativity and healers of the earth.  We are all mothers in one way or another.



This was my sacred space for the month of February.  There is something I like about sharing these right after I tear them down.  A bit of a reflection period for what transpired the month before compared to what I am now manifesting in my new space.  This past month has almost felt too intense to dive into publicly.  But attending my first counseling session on wednesday was a huge step for me.  Im looking forward to the process of it.  I have no idea what will come of it, but I expect it to be good and healing in many ways. 

The past two days have brought in alot of magic and newness, acceptance and release, and overall a feeling of optimism for the future.  Not that my present is bad by any means, but there is so much yet to be uncovered in these bones of mine, and I feel like I am finally able to start the process of peeling the layers back in a very honest way. 


006 (2).JPG

For last nights full moon, I spent some quality time with myself, which is what I do most new and full moons.  Whatever feels right for the moment, usually consisting of quieting myself for reflection, inner questioning, and just simply being within myself.  Last night I took a long bath, soaking myself in Gypsy Moth Sol's bath salt and sugar scrub, and listened to my full moon readings from KV.  It was quite intimate actually, sitting naked in the tub, watching her as she poured out words that felt so true to the core of what is in my heart right now.  Things I couldn't quite put my own tounge on, she weaved throughout each vein in my body with effortless connection.  I always feel this way when I listen to her, but this setting felt so much deeper, maybe because I had not one distraction, and the vulnerability yet safety of being naked and in water.  I think this may very well be my new ritual. 

Then I got out and made myself a cup of my special tea blend from Whole Body Alchemy, which feels like a birthday gift each time I have a cup since it was created just for me and no one else.  Truly a warm hug feeling.  Then I gathered a few things I felt called to for the moment, which included sweetgrass, dove, stilbite, apophylite, adventurine & orange calcite, and my favorite tarot deck.  I keep pulling the same cards over and over, for months now.  Its becoming quite an intimate relationship.

These moments with myself are so sacred to me.