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For last nights full moon, I spent some quality time with myself, which is what I do most new and full moons.  Whatever feels right for the moment, usually consisting of quieting myself for reflection, inner questioning, and just simply being within myself.  Last night I took a long bath, soaking myself in Gypsy Moth Sol's bath salt and sugar scrub, and listened to my full moon readings from KV.  It was quite intimate actually, sitting naked in the tub, watching her as she poured out words that felt so true to the core of what is in my heart right now.  Things I couldn't quite put my own tounge on, she weaved throughout each vein in my body with effortless connection.  I always feel this way when I listen to her, but this setting felt so much deeper, maybe because I had not one distraction, and the vulnerability yet safety of being naked and in water.  I think this may very well be my new ritual. 

Then I got out and made myself a cup of my special tea blend from Whole Body Alchemy, which feels like a birthday gift each time I have a cup since it was created just for me and no one else.  Truly a warm hug feeling.  Then I gathered a few things I felt called to for the moment, which included sweetgrass, dove, stilbite, apophylite, adventurine & orange calcite, and my favorite tarot deck.  I keep pulling the same cards over and over, for months now.  Its becoming quite an intimate relationship.

These moments with myself are so sacred to me.