The FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE report from KV of Aquarius Nation is now up!  So much information in this one.  Please watch your sun, moon & rising sign if you can for a more in depth look.  Also, check out her written report about the lunar eclipse that is happening now and its long term affects.  (see all of these over on the moon reports page linked above)

I shared a video I made last night with my friend Tia with a simple releasing ceremony.  If you have a chance to do your own form of it tonite on this full moon, let me know how it goes.  There is also some yummy herbals from Gypsy Moth Sol and a little grounding ceremony from Moondaughter.  After shedding these layers during this time, we need to keep ourselves grounded, so I think all of these work really well with each other this time.

215 [1024x768].JPG