Full Moon in Scorpio // 4.25.13

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Welcome to the new moon report with KV from Aquarius Nation.  The video below is the main general overview for EVERYONE.  So watch this one, and then go watch your personal one.  And for a more in depth look, watch the videos for you sun, moon & rising signs, since they all heavily apply to you.  Then go read about the intense lunar eclipse energy happening right now.

I FORGOT! I forgot to tell you about this other energy thing. It is where one minute you feel totally on fire and on purpose and then right after it you lose all faith in yourself and think you CAN'T do what you are wanting to do. This is happening often for people. It comes out of nowhere and feels horrible. It makes you feel self conscious and unsure of your gifts. When it happens, acknowledge that the energy has changed, but do not buy into it. It will shift back quickly if you do not put focus on it and if you do not make it larger. Think of it more as a test and the test is to not choose it and not buy into it. xo ~KV

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All zodiac symbol art is original works by Hope Springs Studio on etsy.  You can purchase prints of these in their shop.  (The colors have been changed here specifically for our blog.  These images are copyrighted and may not be used for any personal or business use.)

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It's time to take back your connection to the elements. Earth. Air. Fire. Water. Spirit. Balance it all out. And honor them all within you. Slough off the old. Shed your old skins and falsehoods placed upon your body. Upon your soul. Open to the world and let them see the true, beautiful you.

This scrub is designed to help you do just that. Filled with Himalayan sea salt, sugar, sweet almond oil, kelp powder and essential oils of orange, bergamot, patchouli, lemon, clary sage, lime, ylang ylang and lavender. Designed with your relationship to the elements in mind, this mixture helps to bring balance to them all.

Molt, love.


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Let's take some time to ground and relax this Full Moon. Under the moonlight if you can, find a quiet place to lay down. I am using Smoky Quartz, and Moss Agate to connect to the earth, Moonstone Sphere placed on the heart chakra to align the upper and lower chakras and connecting to the Moon, and Apophyllite to connect the energy with the Divine. Of course, use what you have and your intuition. 

After placing your stones, simply rest and soak in the Moon rays. Focus on your breathe and imagine your body melting into the earth. Let your mind wander and dream, and stay here for as long as you wish. Write down your experience afterward. Feel cleansed, grounded, and whole. Happy Full Moon!

On my blog, check out another beautiful and simple ceremony you can do this Full Moon from Lindsay Luna <3