New Moon in Taurus Solar Eclipse // 4.9.13

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Welcome to the new moon report with KV from Aquarius Nation.  The video below is the main general overview for EVERYONE.  So watch this one, and then go watch your personal one.  And for a more in depth look, watch the videos for you sun, moon & rising signs, since they all heavily apply to you.  And if you have not already go read your info about the eclipse energy here.

This week only KV, Marissa & Katelyn are sharing their energies here.

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All zodiac symbol art is original works by Hope Springs Studio on etsy.  You can purchase prints of these in their shop.  (The colors have been changed here specifically for our blog.  These images are copyrighted and may not be used for any personal or business use.)

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With this earthy, sensual energy from Taurus, take the time to smell your incense, touch your stones, feel the warmth from the candlelight, and drift away to music that moves your soul. Letting yourself indulge your senses in these moments, at your altar, in your bath, out in nature, brings you back to your body and place in the world. 

Let's honor this New Moon by honoring the elements in our life. Bringing back wholeness, stability and balance. 

Setting up an Elemental altar is a beautiful representation of your intent. It can be seen as the Medicine Wheel with the Earth element to the North, Air to the East, Fire to the South, Water to the West, and Spirit in the center. 

Items you can use to represent each element can be:

Earth: Live plants, dried herbs, stones (stones can also represent different elements as well), animal totem, bones, a bowl of soil

Air: incense, feathers, music, wand, bird totems, sage or smudging element

Fire: candles, athame, red or orange stones, oils or perfumes

Water: seas shells, bowl of sea salt or water, chalice with tea or wine, moon symbols, or ocean creatures

Spirit: A statue of your deity, a poem or hymn, an offering to spirit, an amulet

Don't let these limit you! These are only suggestions. Following your intuition and creativity is best. Always. 

When your altar is set up and ready, center yourself and invite your guides, deities, and ancestors to be present with you at this ritual. 

Start with East and smudge yourself and altar, either with incense or your bundle. Take in the aroma and breathe deeply. You can say something like this:

"Spirits of Air, I thank you for heavenly aromas, deep breaths, and the wind in my hair."

Reflect on your relationship with air, and this can also encompass your thoughts and imagination, intelligence, and the physical qualities of Air.

Do you honor Air in your life?

How prominent is Air in your life?

What are ways you can honor this element?

When you are ready, move to the South: realm of Fire. Light your candle, and/or anoint your solar chakra with the oil or perfume of your choice, and say something like this:

"Spirits of Fire, thank you for your warmth and creative forces that spark my soul."

Gaze into the flame and reflect on your relationship with Fire. Are you motivated? Do you feel creatively driven? What does your inner Fire look like?

Do you honor Fire in your life?

How prominent is Fire in your life?

What are ways you can honor this element?

When you are ready, dive into the element of Water to the West. Take a sip of your tea/water/wine, or sprinkle water on yourself and say something like this:

"Spirits of Water, thank you for your ebb and flow in my life. I honor my emotions with love and compassion."

Reflect on your relationship with Water. Do you feel nourished? Hydrated? Emotionally sustained? How does Water effect your well-being?

Do you honor Water in your life?

How prominent is Water in your life?

What are ways you can honor this element?

Once you are ready to move on, plant your feet in the soil of the Earth element to the North. Hold your stones and feel their energy. Say something like this:

"I thank you, Spirits of Earth, for your constant nourishment and abundance in my life."

Reflect on Earth. Your nourishment. Sustenance. Survival. Your relationship with Nature.

Do you honor Earth in your life?

How prominent is Earth in your life?

What are ways you can honor this element?

As you finish this ceremony, take time to journal and reflect. When you are ready, close and thank your guides, ancestors and the elements. Have a you beautiful New Moon!

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