Full Moon in Sagittarius // 5.24.13

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Welcome to the full moon report with KV from Aquarius Nation.  The video below is the main general overview for EVERYONE.  So watch this one, and then go watch your personal one.  And for a more in depth look, watch the videos for you sun, moon & rising signs, since they all heavily apply to you.  And if you have not already go read your info about the eclipse energy here.

Also, KV just released her brand spankin' new, New Moon Intentions Journal.  Go check it out, its a must get!!!

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All zodiac symbol art is original works by Hope Springs Studio on etsy.  You can purchase prints of these in their shop.  (The colors have been changed here specifically for our blog.  These images are copyrighted and may not be used for any personal or business use.)

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So I see you. Living your life, all prim and proper. Following the expectations of those around you. Hiding your true self with all those messy things called emotions. And you know, It's no fun is it?

You feel the need to hide your frustration. You feel you can't vent to anyone without the dreaded "gossip" word coming in to play. You, especially if you are a woman, are afraid to be known as "too" emotional. I could go on and on.

But let's do something unexpected. Something so far from society's norm. Something I'm sure we've all wanted to do at one point.

Let's break some plates.

And here's the ground rules, or at least my advice for this:

1. Don't use glass plates. They shatter like nobody's business. And, it's scary.

2. Please find a nice open space outside to do this.

3. Don't follow my lead in the video and wear shorts or sandals. It would be best if you wore pants and full shoes. I take no responsibility for possible trips to the ER. Just sayin'.

4. If you don't want to shatter plates that you own, or have been banned from smashing anymore of your plates, ahem Laura Emily, Goodwill that shit. And then, you can get a stack of plates for $3.

5. Feel free to get a sharpie and write it out. Write out the crap you wish to release. Get it all out there and don't hold back!

Other than that, just be smart. And enjoy the crazy looks you may get from neighbors, passerbys, and the general public. OR ask them if they want to join in! Make a party out of it. Gather under the full moon with your friends and smash. Smash till you feel it all subside. Then, dance it out. Play. Run free. You're as free as you want to be, baby.

If you take a photo and share on instagram use hashtag #gypsymothsol. I'd love to see them!

Love and releasing.


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When in doubt. Smudge it out. Simply going outside under the fullness of the moonlight and burning your smudge bundle can do wonders for your soul. Cleansing, releasing, purifying. Sage is great, but even try mugwort - a wonderful moon herb. Connecting with smudge and smoke is a great way to connect with the fiery energy of Sagittarius. Have a blessed Full Moon everyone!

Today, I am also beginning a beautiful little 2 week workshop with Laura Em, using earth tools to develop our intuition. There is still time to sign up!

 ~Marissa Moondaughter

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The images below are a concept that has been brewing in my mind for a while, and this full moon seemed like the perfect time to 'create' the vision.  It represents the transformation of going through the darkness, the shadow self, to growing into the light, your highest self. 

The bottom is heavy and dark, and full of bones, the rio abajo rio, as Clarissa Pinkola Estes would call it...  Scaling up into a ragged, rough, dirty middle area.  The muck you must walk through after discovering your shadows.  Rising into a peek of growth, full of raw, nakedness as you begin to embody your new self.  All the way up to full bounty of growth, sunshine, and beyond into a higher consciousness.   

You can click on the photos below to see them larger.  Each one will be available for sale as well through the paypal link below.  (images are copyrighted by Laura Mazurek, you may not use them or download them without permission.) 




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