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On Monday I got to celebrate my girl Bird's 30th birthday with her.  The perfect excuse to get all dolled up since we were going to meet for sushi.  (real outfit post coming soon, I haven't even had time to get them off my camera yet)  We had a really nice dinner with the yummiest sushi.  Then we went back to the coffee shop she works at in our home town to have some drinks and do karaoke.  I never in my life thought I would actually do karaoke, even that night I had made up my mind that I was not brave enough.  But alas, with a few drinks and some coaxing I found myself up there sandwiched between my two friends belting out Garth Brooks, ha ha!  And I had so much fun doing it!  Luckily it was in the 'safe bubble' as they were calling of it, of just her friends and co-workers.  So even though I got some rad pics of my Bird wearing an afro wig while belting out her tunes, I can't share those photos!  And no one got a photo of me, which Im actually kind of sad about b/c it was a landmark in my life, let me tell you.  This night also truly made me realize how much I miss my time with friends, b/c it has been slim to nothin' lately.  Oh, I also had my first Mai Thai, so there was more than one first!  Yay for firsts!

Oh yeah, and one of the best things that came out of my job at the restaurant was making friends with this girl.  The girl who at the time thought she couldn't make good friends with another girl, and I won her over. ;)



1. I did a new years spread with my Wild Unknown deck, and then I translated to my Medicine Woman deck as well for comparison.  I will be working with each card as the months go by...

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2. I revamped my studio again.  I was needing more desk space, so I brought in one of our pop desks and made it into a corner space instead of just up against one wall.  So far I'm loving it!  And so is bella.  She has already claimed her new spot in the studio in front of the window.


3. James gave me a late xmas gift and I couldn't be more excited!  When I found out these two were making an album together my jaw dropped, and then when I found out it was a classic country album I just about came out of my skin.  It is SO GOOD.


4. a necklace I made for my sister Rebeca of Gypsies Caravan.  It ended up being one of my favorite pieces I have ever made.


5. Sacred time with myself... This time I made for myself is a must, I would wither without it.  This beautiful journal is from Aquarius Nation's new Transit Reading Courses, which is sooooo good!  You should join us in the next round!


6. One of my cards for the year...

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7. A shot of me on Jame's birthday wearing my Gypsies Caravan dreamcatcher earring.


8.  Fires... lots of fires.

moon breastplate by roots and feathers

9. A moon breastplate I listed in my shop (secretly wanting to keep)...


10. Yummy warming food.  Soup, brussels sprouts and homeade bread from a friend.  Perfection.

These were some of my favorite moments from this week captured through my phone.  And in case you did not notice, there are 2 really rad giveaways going on right now!!!


1. ive been working on new pretties like crazy, im so inspired right now.
2. bella has taken up residency in the minnetonka box.  its her favorite spot right now.
3. little laurel all snuggled up.
4. adventures in babysitting + a smoothie.
5. breakfast - yogurt + berries + granola.
6. the cutest + tiniest acorn.
7. my mason jar of lotion from katelyn.  im in love.
8. all dressed up to meet my friend at a cowboy bar, i wore my boots.
9. bella chillin on christie's lap.  she loved her.
10. me and christie, my hometown girl that moved away to cali.
11. laurel looking cute in her skinnies.
12. baby kisses.
13. dancing to caravan of theives.
14. texas sky outside my studio.

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1. obsessed with my bonlook glasses.
2. baby kisses, nothing sweeter.
3. neil young's harvest, need i say more?
4. roasted veggies, my fall favorite.
5. breaking in my spirit tribe alter kit.
6. roots and feathers pretties in the studio.
7. me right after a reiki session.
8. bedtime reading, my favorite place.
9. autumn threads, this makes me so excited!
10. bella being ridiculously cute.
11. james made a homeade salted caramel latte.
12. wildflowers found along our hillcountry drive.