I am very excited for this giveaway from Gypsy Moth Sol, one of my best friends, who is offering a very sacred releasing ritual kit to one of my readers.  This is good soul medicine for anyone willing to get in there and do it...

Cording:: A ritual of releasing was born out of the back and forth dance I was doing of releasing and then feeling overwhelmed, consumed again, by what I thought I let go of. With the help of KV from Aquarius Nation, it hit me. How I needed to ritualize this concept. Bring it to life and turn a metaphor into a tangible thing. Something I could touch and feel.

Being set free from these gremlins I had running rampant in my body has left me ready to harness my power for myself, instead of letting something else have it. We all have something or someone we need to release from our lives. It's not easy work. It means we have to be brutally honest with ourselves and the role we've played in allowing these creatures inside, past all of our boundaries.

I'm not saying this is it. That this is the key to happiness, the key to nirvana, but I am saying it helps. If you show up and do the work, you will be rewarded.

This kit is a little selection of items I found helpful, to finally cut the cords and heal. I offer them to you with an open heart because love, you need to show the world your beauty. We need it. I promise.

I know it's hard to let it go, you know, that shit that has been eating at you. The little voice inside your head that tells you you're not good enough, that your voice should not be heard. Or the broken relationships. The words that were said that cut through you like a warm knife through butter. The broken promises and the lies.

And sometimes it's hard to do this on your own. So here I am, offering you a bit of my magic to help you through this. This is me, extending my hand to you.

In a wee, little box you will get a long braided cord, woven with my intentions that you find healing and release, a sprig of rosemary, a single dried rose, a small blank card, an envelope of hand ground herbs and resins, picked for their purification and releasing properties, a square of recycled fabric and an extra piece of cord. Included with this kit is a mini booklet with instructions on how to use the tools and do the work. Because, love, I can't do the work entirely for you. And, it's part of regaining and clearing the space to use that gorgeous power you've been gifted with.

And I think the best part is, that when you need to release later down the road, because it's just the world we live in, that you've now got the knowledge and a go-to ritual for your blessed healing, to personalize how you feel called to. 

*Note, you may not receive the exact rose color or fabric square that is pictured here.If you would like to purchase the ebook version without the physical kit go here.