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Hello Bohemian Souls! I am Marissa over at Moondaughter and I wanted to offer a free spot in my course coming up, Stone Medicine!

Gather your crystals, and come with me on a magical journey of Crystal healing. Once you have your crystal collection all around you, it is very easy to get overwhelmed with what to do next. Stone Medicine is my 6 week course all about learning how to work with your crystal companions! And anyone can participate, from the crystal newbie to the crystal hoarder, or crystal healer!

There will be 6 weeks of:

*The history and science of Crystal healing

*How to activate, cleanse, and program your crystals

*Fun and sacred activities on how to use your crystals for: love, health, abundance, release, protection, stress, and more!

*You will have private access to your classroom

*A wonderful metaphysical community

*full support from me!

As a Crystal Healer myself, I know crystals have powerful magic and healing they wish to share with us. They have changed my life, and I am so excited to share my knowledge with you!

First join me for a free 7 day workshop on my newsletter, where I'll share my top 7 crystals for Moon work! You sign up here: NEWSLETTER SIGNUP

And as a starter, you can sort your crystals according to the chakras, or main energy centers of your body, with my Chakra Stone PDF

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