The Dreadlock Journey Giveaway

Dreadlocks are like a secret portal to a whole new and mesmerizing world, aren't they? So many people tell me they've always wanted them but don't know where to begin!

The unknown puts a lot of dreams on hold...and I'm here to change that. 

The Dreadlock Journey—Conversations on Life, Love, and Locks offers not only a yummy collection of locking stories but you will also read about different methods used, the emotional, spiritual, and practical pros and cons of dreadlocks, and a wealth of information to help you make empowered and informed choices about your own hair!

Imagine the wisdom of their collective stories available at your fingertips.

The Dreadlock Journey Contributors

A few quotes from the book from some of the contributors...

“Dreading my hair was a very spiritual decision for me. I had just surfaced from a tender and emotional 4.5 year fertility journey and adoption process. I was in such a powerful space of healing in regards to my womanhood and dreadlocks symbolized my rising from the ashes.”  —Denise Andrade-Kroon

“I was at a concert as a young teen and saw a beautiful woman perform with long dreadlocks and a nose piercing. I was smitten.” —Mandy Steward

“Looking back I can see the spiritual lessons they taught me about judgment, vanity, and acceptance, especially of myself—choosing to love and accept myself despite what others were capable of supporting.”—Tara Wagner

Sara's Dreads

A few questions answered in the book //

Do you remember the first time you saw dreadlocks?
It was the early 90s, at a festival, and I must have been about 13 years old. I can still remember how beautiful she was. This girl, with these beautiful twisted, tangled, spiraling locks of hair, swinging around as she was drawing in the sand. She was wearing these sparkly, colorful fairy wings, and to my 13 year old eyes, she was so magical. So brave. So different, and so familiar too.

What is your favorite thing about having dreadlocks?
I absolutely LOVE being able to put things in my hair. I am not a picture taker,
or a "trinket" keeper, so my hair is sort of a memory box for me. I have beads,
and shells from all over the world tucked away for anyone to find, and stories
to go with each one. Most of the time the only people who take time to play in
the memories are very small children who are almost always drawn to my hair.

Why did you dread your hair? Do your dreads have a spiritual
meaning to you?

I dreaded my hair to let go. To release my attachments to control and any
remnants of the illusion of a tidy life. I dreaded to add wildness to my
experience of life, that when I look in the mirror I see the Wild Woman
archetype looking back at me, like crazy Baba Yaga dancing in the yard of her
hut which runs around on a chicken leg. I dreaded to invite my inner
Aphrodite, my Queen, to come forward, to let all of the unseen, unspoken
parts of me come alive...again, after a long sleep.


Sara Janssen is a hoop-dancing, Jesus-loving, unschooling mama to 3 girls and is married to the most dreamy handyman around. After traveling the country for 4 years, they now call a mountaintop above Boulder, Colorado home. She spreads love at


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