Full Moon in Capricorn // 6.23.13

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Welcome to the full moon report with KV from Aquarius Nation.  The video below is the main general overview for EVERYONE.  So watch this one, and then go watch your personal one.  And for a more in depth look, watch the videos for you sun, moon & rising signs, since they all heavily apply to you.


We have changed the links to the personal horoscopes.  Now each sign goes straight to the Aquarius Nation Channel created just for your sign.  Just make sure you are watching the current video by looking at the date!


This full moon we are simply bringing you the reports from KV and no extras.  So click below on your sun, moon & rising signs and watch your individual reports.  Don't know what you sun, moon & rising signs are?  Send KV a quick message on her Aquarius Nation facebook page. 

 photo aries_zps5833255f.jpg photo taurus_zps0d13ad6f.jpg photo gemini_zps4c1b8a8e.jpg photo cancer_zps4e9e06f4.jpg photo leo_zps78b7da04.jpg photo virgo_zpsd2b1aa0d.jpg photo libra_zps1525ae86.jpg photo scorpio_zps66426495.jpg photo sagittarius_zpsd92e34a6.jpg photo capricorn_zps7cc3dbb4.jpg photo aquarius_zps2072838f.jpg photo pisces_zpsd48bf93e.jpg

All zodiac symbol art is original works by Hope Springs Studio on etsy.  You can purchase prints of these in their shop.  (The colors have been changed here specifically for our blog.  These images are copyrighted and may not be used for any personal or business use.)

H A P P Y    S O L S T I C E!