Burdens and Choices

sometimes i have weakness
sometimes i have doubt
there are days i feel so reclusive
and in turn feel so left out
i have been pushed aside by friends
or people i thought once cared
ive lost a bit of hope
from moments long lost shared
ive seen the depths of death
and watched her carry away my love
there are nights i cry so hard
while staring at the moon above
ive broken my own heart
by mistakes ive gone and made
old friends were mistaken for lovers
by tricks my mind has played
in losing a bit of innocence
ive lost a bit of soul
i carry with me burdens of the past
that i push down in a hole
it changes its colors as i breathe
some days i get so lost inside
and want to hide or leave
but each day as i awake
i have a choice of heart
to be doomed inside my own chambers
or from these chains i part
my heart then shows me patience
and that life is a learning art