Finding Beauty in the Breakdown


{various artists}

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art by Burntfeather

Sometimes it is the weirdest feeling to not have my mother.
It doesnt feel real still. January will already be two years.
I still miss her like I did a year ago.
I feel like I went through a period where it made me so much stronger.
But lately I feel so weak.
So vulnerable.
I lost my light heartedness somewhere.
James helps me when we are silly together.
But I feel an underlying sadness that doesnt seem to go away.
Ive become quite the hermit lately.
Dont really feel like hanging out.
But today I started sewing again.
It feels good.
Finding beauty like the images above helps also.
Its not as bad as this probably sounds,
I just wanted to put it out there into the void.

I miss you mom.

love you,