Who doesnt like Chocolate Chip cookies???

Today was chocolate chip cookies.
Simple, basic yummyness!

He he, the vanilla made the cutest little smiley face!
These are sugar cookies me and James made a few days ago for his parents restaurant's xmas party. I thought they looked like a 5 year old made them! I got really frustrated with the icing. I had all these images in my head of how pretty they would look and it totally wasnt working out, so i just started dumping colors all over the cookies!
This silly deer lives in my neighbors yard. It is there pet, it plays and hangs out with their dogs and cats in the yard, i see it and the dog play chase! But lately he has been jumping out of their fence and roaming the neighborhood! What a juvenile delinquite! (sp)

See his orange collar?

He was in my yard earlier today talking to my dog Violet, so funny!
Kind of a bad photo, i was standing on my porch taking pics of jewelry when I noticed him in my front yard, so its through the screen door.
Thank you of you again for all of your wonderful comments. You have all been so very nice to me, so thank you!

I cant wait to post pics of all of my homeade xmas goodies, I just cant giveaway surprises!

Tomorrow, my first attempt at peanut butter cookies!

Then Thursday...The Pumpkin Roll!