That Vintage, O Bella Naturals and Style Feature

So, they say patience is a virtue right? well, for all of you wonderful followers who entered my giveaway, you are going to have to wait until tomorrow for the results! I wanted to do a video response with my friend that is down from Cali, so it will have to wait until we can do it tomorrow! Sorry for those of you who are impatient!

Speaking of giveaways, I won my first one last week from the one and only, THAT VINTAGE. I won the awesome wooden feather ring on my finger! Her work is stunning, I want every piece. I usually dont get excited over many jewelry artists, honestly, but I am just IN LOVE with hers!

See her beautiful blog here:
Visit her etsy shop here:

Wow, we have actually been going places lately, well today was the grocery store, but I did a Style Feature anyway, well, because I wore my favorite jacket from when I was like 15, I still absolutely love this jacket. I has a HUGE rip under one arm, Ive needed to patch it forever, and after wearing it out today, it was a bit embarrassing, I am going to patch it asap so I can wear it more! And I broke out some baggy jean shorts from my shed, plus I wore my new little vintage cab pin I made last night, so it was well worth a Style Feature!
And this, the cutest shirt ever, was so generously given to me from my Bestie, she truly is the BEST. Oh, and I bought hair dye today, darkest brown, and while we are out tomorrow I am thinking of picking up some blue to replace my pink! Cant wait!

And a few days ago I received my package from Betsy from O Bella Naturals. All I can say is that I am never buying soap at the store again, nope, never! I am hooked and I am only on the first sample! I LOVE it so much! She included a sample peppermint lip balm which I cannot stop applying to my lips and a cracked earth hand salve which smells like the most delightful candle. I love it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eeeeeek, I am so excited. I am going to try to be so patient and only use one bar of soap at a time :) I smelled so good all day today after using her soap!

So, from my personal experience to you, I think you should go buy some! Right now I am using the Brown Sugar, Honey and Oatmeal soap and its heavenly! She sells a sample pack! And the wrapping is so cute and earthy!

Visit her blog here:
Visit her etsy shop here:

I just made cupcakes for Christie and Matt, well and us too! I bought the decorating stuff today on an excited whim, I just had to! It was super fun. I made strawberry flavored cupcakes. My nanna use to make me strawberry flavored cakes when I was little, so it always reminds me of her! And it smells like the Nestle Strawberry Milk she used to give me to!

Soon, we shall meet up with our friends and go to the local coffee shop, hopefully catch some good tunes and get super wired way too late! Yay! That is basically my high, I hardly drink at all anymore. It just doesnt even sound that good in general.