Thrifting Finds and Style Feature

Yesterday, I got to go thrifting with my best friend. First I took her to the coffee shop in Ingram where my art is hanging. I sold two prints! She liked it alot. She got a fruit smoothie and I got a Vanilla Bean esspresso shake, but I only had a bit before I got a crazy rush and had to stop!

First, this is what I wore, which will be another STYLE FEATURE!

I found these blue velvet slippers a few weeks ago when me and my bestie went to Goodwill! I paid $6.99 for them, which made me cringe, I am such a cheapo! Goodwill has gotten so expensive since back in my high school days.

The outfit:
my favorite vintage blue velvet jacket
brown tank
paisley under tank
my nanna's butterfly belt
super wide leg jeans
blue velvet slippers
blue velvet purse

I usually dont put that much 'matchy' stuff together, but I could not help myself with the excitement of owning 3 BLUE VELVET items!
A quick pic before I was off. By the way, I am such an air head, since James was home, I didnt think to grab my keys, so when we got back, and he was at work, eeeek! I found a way to break into my house :) Im not telling how!
Between 2 thrift stores, I found all of these goodies for only $26!!! The first thrift store was amazing and cheap, the second one had prices that made me want to go up to those old ladies and ask them if they knew they were ripping people off! ha ha!

Items are:
2 vintage sheets
2 vintage scarves
10 crochet granny squares
1 crochet newsboy hat
1 birdie tie
1 vintage frosty candle
1 crochet afghan
1 yard vintage floral material
1 american eagle floral shirt
1 wooden wall accessory hanger
1 wood and metal owl wall plate
eyelet trim
2 vintage doilies
2 long strips of vintage material
1 amazing american tourister bag

my new baby! i think i will stencil something on her! It was only $3!!!
We had a wonderful time, and it was so nice to spend time with each other, doing what we love to do best! Her little Xavier came along with us and got smiles from so many people! I cant believe he is 8 months old already!

I was going to post a photo of me and Shelley and I couldnt find one! Oh my we need to take photos together! I wish I had another photographer friend who was always around snapping photos!

I'll most likely be out and about for the next few days, between pet sitting and my friends being down. Ill try to update here and there with some fun photos!