Fashion Frenzy

Okay, so please bear with me, this and the next post are all about clothes. I guess thats what is on my brain! Ive been sewing all day, and yesterday, so go figure.

I cant get enough of this adorable little bow from Jennifer of Jennfunique, love it! Go find on in her shop, they are the greatest. I also got a super cool gigantic white flower one, that I cant wait to do a cool photoshoot with :)

here is her blog, and you can find links to her shop there, both worth checking out!

This is only 2 of like 10 photos from different days I have! I figured 2 was enough for you to get the point that I love it!
These are my awesome boots I got on etsy, love these babies!
I got them in this adorable shop:
I was going to make a bunch more pillow case tops today, but I only got one done. I used one from you Meg, thanks! (not this one, this one is sold)
Pics of my blue tank I made yesterday worn with my green sweater.
I love the way it came together in the back, I am going to make many more of these and make it another Violet Bella look!
This was on the way home the other night, so pretty!
Two blogs have little features going on about Violet Bella right now that you should check out and show some love to!

Mint Green With Envy's first giveaway ever was a Violet Bella photo, and now after much success with many artists being involved, they have asked me to join again, so you will find a free Violet Bella print over at this lovely spot:

And this adorable girl asked me if she could do a spotlight, she is so cute!!! Go check out the mention, and her sweet blog: