April Brings Cleanliness and Crafting :)

Again, I feel like I have neglected my little blog world. But from this and my last post, you can see that I have just been busy...

Today Bella and Violet are at the vet, getting their shots and getting groomed. I should be able to go pick them up anytime now, I cant wait. I hate when they are gone all day. I actually miss my little Bella walking in front of me back and forth, swishing her tail in my face, while I am trying to type :) Everytime they come home from getting a bath they look like they lost 10 pounds, its so cute! And good timing for them to need to go, because Shauna (from Poor Pitiful Pearl) and her family are coming on saturday to get their pictures taken!

Speaking of, I am so excited!!! I am anxious to finally meet her! Hopefully we will have great weather and all. Renea from Pennythreads is going to come as well, so it will be a mini blog gathering!!! so excited!

I have set all creating aside today for some spring cleaning. Isnt it funny how the weather changing outside can make you feel like cleaning out? Something about renewal and freshness comes along with spring. The birth of little flower buds everywhere, the sun shining, but not blistering, the winds gently stirring the fallen leaves around (and pollen)... All I want to do is ride bikes and have picnics!!! I am serious!

For those of you who actually read this, I am going to just ramble on...

(now I want to listen to Led Zeppelin :)

We have another tent party planned for the end of the month. We are on our 3rd month in a row now! Scrabble time! James just got the cutest shirt from Threadless, it has a scrabble hand with all x, v, z's, its so funny! Its perfect for him because he has yet to win a game with me, and now he has the sad scrabble loser tee shirt to prove it, ha ha!

Also on the agenda for April is to work some more on our tattoos! This excites me so much. My sleeve has been unfinished for well over a year now. It was suppose to only be a few weeks after I started, but one thing after another happens and now here we are, a year later! So ready to finish it! James is adding a butterfly to his sleeve. He eventually wants to do the whole arm, so I think he is going to do one thing at a time from now on.

Okay, so now on to the updates!

I forgot to post these next to garments the other day. This white dress I was going to keep, but I decided to go ahead and let it go, it is up in the shop! I call it my Tulip dress because of the way the vintage linens come together...

This one I think came out so cute, and I will be making more in this style. The tank came from my friend Katelyn (thank you). This one is sold!
little granny square right on the bum :)
Now for the newbies:

Here is a pic to see what a pillow case top looks like on!
Sweet and floral feminine tea rose tank. (thank you Meg :)
Puppy and Birdie embroidery tank
Towel and pillow case tank
my favorite pillow tank so far!
adorable vintage pillow case top. Shows how you can wear the ones without straps as a top, a high waisted skirt or a regular skirt!
adorable pillow case dress. I love how this one came out!

patina and bird necklace
*bringing back my signature photo jewelry*
this is a one of a kind necklace with my rose photo on it
and introducing my new owl necklaces!!!

{only one available of this one}
{only one available of this one}


And I wanted to give a little shout out again to Pennythreads for creating the most adorable fabric rings! they are puffy!!! I think I will be getting the green one in the near future, so adorable!!!

check them out in her shop, along with her adorable rag doll bags below. I am now the proud owner of one and I love it. its small, simple, and perfect for a spring outing where you dont need anything but the essentials :)