PPP Photoshoot tomorrow

Spring is here! Today actually almost felt like summer for a bit! James was off today. We got the shed completely cleaned out, it feels so nice! Next week we will tackle the yard, the leaves, and Violet's pin, then on to the garden, woo hoo!

We also went on a nice little bike ride around town!!! He loves his bike! I got a little video of him doing an 'i got a bike' dance, but he would be so mad if i posted it, but i want to soooo bad!!! it is so funny!

So... tomorrow I get to photograph Shauna from PPP and her family! Very excited! Hopefully we will have wonderful lighting and all that good stuff that makes great photos! And I am praying that my two batteries do not die. I have been having problems with them lately and I dont know why!!!

{this photo has nothing to do with this post, except that it is from a photoshoot, ha! i just love it. it is actually taken inside my dog's pin!}