My Little Helper

Here area few pics of the wholesale order I just finished for, Bella of course, was my assistant.

Once we got them all in baggies, we laid them all out just to really see how much it was, and omg, it was alot. And this photo didnt even include a whole batch I forgot about! Now you can see why I was a little 'busy' this week.
We made all of the little cards, so I used one on an order I was shipping out, I just might change it up a bit and switch over. Most of my packages have a different card or package though. Im always changing it up.
I made a new dress today. A pillow case dress, the first of many :)

And Im loving my tights from Target, I got them in yellow too :) They are more plum in person, not pink.

Im almost finished with another dress, its so cute, but was so difficult to figure out. So maybe some pics tomorrow.

I was going to sew all day today and I just couldnt get my thoughts straight. I have drawings of tops and dresses I want to make, but my period head was not allowing me to create flowingly.

So, really, I just made a huge mess in the house that I need to clean up again :)
{something to know about me, i make a mess no matter what i do!}

Big Love to each and everyone of you!