Ragdoll Bags by PENNY THREADS

So, I must give a BIG shout out to my dear friend Renea from Pennythreads.

She has been working on her own ideas to re-vamp her etsy shop for this spring and summer. She is changing gears for the season, and I couldnt be happier.

These are only the first 3 of many ONE OF A KIND 'ragdoll' bags. I am sooooo FREAKIN' in love! Yes I am!

Unfortunately I was not online during the post, and my 2 favorites (the first) were sold right away! But the 3rd one is still available if you act fast, the price is sooooo reasonable, probably too reasonable, so snag before the demand changes that!!!

{luckily two of my favorite girls got them, so I cant be that upset}

Plus, Renea will do custom orders, so if you see something you like, send her a request, of course, each one will be a bit different though.

This one is just perfect for spring. oh my gosh, i want one like this!

well, and like this. i think this is actually my fav! ahhh, i just love them both, they both fit my style, well 2 of my many styles :)
I just adore the buttons on this one, so cute! Just not my personal colors, but they may be yours :)
Eeeeek, I cant get over how cute they are!!!
Renea, if you are reading this, I am super stoked for you! Um, can you tell?

LOVE THESE! I want one in every color for every outfit, okay?

So, go check out her shop and snag up the last one. She plans on posting more in a few days I think, so check back often!

Or follow her on facebook or twitter to get the first updates:

Or become a follower of her blog!

So many ways!