New Threads and such

Today, I have literally spent about 8 hours sitting in this chair on the computer. Mostly because i was editing and posting new items to etsy, but also out of sheer laziness. its like once i sit for so long, it is so hard to motivate myself to get up and move! But i finally forced myself. I got up and cleaned the whole house! That felt good. But now, here i am again. I didnt make a thing today! oh well, tomorrow...

I just walked outside to grab some spinach from the garden and the sky is such a beautiful deep blue and the moon is the perfect sliver, one of my favorite kinds. just a few stars in the sky, and the sillouettes of the trees are all illuminated from the moon. such a beautiful night. wish james was home. maybe we can go on a wet bike ride when he gets home, if it is not raining like crazy. today the sun actually came out. but it has been raining for 4 days straight now, so the ground is still a soggy mush, but oh my are the plants and grass loving it. i wish so badly i would have put my garden in already, man would it be happy! My chard is as tall as violet now!

These two photos I thought were awesome, showing just how well Violet Bella and Pennythreads go together! I mean hello?

Violet Bella: Pillow case top
Pennythreads: Ragdoll purse

Violet Bella: photo bracelet
Pennythreads: Ragdoll purse
I love my little ragdoll purse and tote it around everywhere.


Now to show some of the threads Ive been working on this week.

This next top and sweater I think I am keeping. this top is soooo me, i am in love with it.
the back of it
I have always loved this little pink sweater, but now I really love it!
check out this adorable little girl!
still thinking of a name...
Here is a sneak peak of a bag Ill be putting in the shop. I made it quite a while ago actually, but I am letting it go... my pennythreads purse and a few other favorites take the cut!
This is one of my new 'PATCHWORK FOLK' tops, i loved the mexican fiesta inspiration. It is so colorful and playful.
here is the back of it
And this one came out just so sweet. Mint green and pale pink, perfect for spring.

simple pink tank upcycled with fun cuteness!

I am getting back on a roll with my food. I have been so unbelievably bad for months now, I dont know what happened. So today for lunch, I started a new...

Lunch menu:
pita with sprouts, red bell pepper, baby bella mushrooms, zuchinni and feta cheese, grilled.

Dinner menu:
spinach and chard (from garden) salad with red onion, feta cheese, dried cherries, and Annie's organic hibiscus dressing.

lets see if i can keep this up!