Violet Bella Pinafore Jumper

"Safety is the most unsafe spiritual path you can take. Safety keeps you numb and dead. People are caught by surprise when it is time to die. They have allowed themselves to live so little."
-Stephen Levine

Maybe ill do a quote each post, what do you think?

This one is from my Handbook for the Soul, comprised of many different writers and spiritual teachers, oh how i love it.

Today was all about sewing. I had an idea and I obsessively completed some sample designs of it. Although each one will be completely different, the general design will be the same. It is my spin on the pinafore/jumper. Now I want to make some suspender shorts!

I actually have a whole list of things I want to create, I just dont have enough time in the day...

patchy shorts
boleros and vests
really distressed upcycled jeans
wrap vintage linen skirts
wide mid section belts
and many others...

I am feeling so pleased and blessed to be sewing my own clothes. This is something my mother and I talked and dreamt about all of the time for years, but we were always too busy with her broken china business. So to be actually doing it, I know she is just smiling from up above, and wishing so badly she was sitting next to me creating! I wish we would have done more fun stuff like that together, instead of just working. I mean, we did alot of stuff together, I saw her every single day, and still called her at night to tell her almost anything that happened. But her list was a mile long of things she wanted to do that she never had time for. I need to make sure not to make the same mistake. Although, I think if she were here, she wouldnt change a thing. She lived and amazing and full life, fuller than many 90 year olds I think. She was a free soul, a caring joyous mother, a forgiving and deeply loving wife, an insane people lover, a tree hugger, a spiritual walker and seeker, a plant nurterer, she possessed all of the sweetness this world can hold. Anyway, I was just thinking of her today while sewing, and I just realized that I am living one of our little dreams, I love you mom!

So, on to the goodies. This is the first one I made, more of the true 'pinafore' style. This one turned out to be so me, again, I am keeping it! I do have more of the vintage sheet material though if anyone wants a custom one! And I have one more large mustard towel circle too, unless it is used before being spoken for!

This deer fabric is so special to me, I am saving many of these squares, and making myself clothing with it. My mom had it when she was young. Used it in baby quilts for my cousin Shane, among other things. It is in the amazing sun patchwork quilt she made that hangs in my bedroom. I still cant believe my aunt Lisa gave it to me, it is one of my most prized possessions.

This one is just cute and fun. And more of a 'jumper'. I loved this granny square and have been saving it for something special, and this made it!
very open and exposed, meant to be worn over another shirt and with jeans or leggings. On most people these will be like long tunics, or super mini dresses.

Another one Im keeping. I dont usually go for these bold colors, but I fell in love with the way they came together.

The back straps are a mens vintage tie.
The middle one is up in my shop!


leaving you with a cute little video of bella freaking out over the catnip i brought her...