Im in the new RUCHE LOOKBOOK!!!

In much happier news, I awoke to a delightful email from the owner of Ruche telling me that my jewelry is featured in their new lookbook! I am so excited and honored that she chose my jewelry to be a part of their beautiful catalog. I think their lookbooks are devine, right in line with Anthropologie, amazing! Needless to say, I am thrilled! I have about 10 pieces of my jewelry offered on their site right now.

The lookbook is 3 times as big as the last one, and my jewelry is featured on each one of these pages below. Some are hard to see. Its my indie trinket necklace, and my small mustard blossom earrings, and a pair of long pink dangly earrings. You can probably click on each picture to see them bigger, or you can just go look at the beautiful lookbook for yourself on Most of my jewelry is featured under the indie section. They have tons of new goodies for spring, so be sure to check out their new arrivals!

Thank you sincerely to all of my wonderful supporters for making this come true. I owe it all to you guys!