Im back from being MIA. James has been off this week, and I have been taking some much needed down time with him. The past few days I have thrown all responsibilities to the wind! Ill be back at it soon enough.

Two days ago we drove to austin to get out tattoos worked on! James got a beautiful old school butterfly, i love it soooo much! It looks so good on him! {Girls, keep your hands OFF, no matter how tempting :) } he he.

Here are some before shots, about to get in the car.

Oliver came with us. James made me the most perfect mix cd ive ever gotten! I love it!!! So we listened to that and Kate Nash on the way up there! Along with our tea that james made from scratch, that is going to be a whole post on its own, it was freakin amazing!
I think you can click on the image to make it larger if you wanna view my awesome mix list!
Here is James butterfly! Is it not amazing???
He decided he is going to piece his sleeve together over time. Gosh he is so adorable :)
and i love it when he smiles, its hard to get this on camera!
We went to his mom's house yesterday to say hi and hug his parents, and to look for some flowers. There werent very many flowers, so we just took some pics around the yard. I love this wall anyway!

Here are my teacups! Mine only got half finished, again. Ill go back in a week or two to fill it in. There will be flowers and peacock feathers filling in all the gaps, and above the woman.
The teacup design is from the adorable artist Tabitha Emma, whos art I adore. We changed it up just a bit to make it work more for a tattoo. I really wanted the cardinal on it, so we put it in a teacup, and on one we wrote 'mom'. I adore the way they came out! For those of you who are new to my blog, this whole tattoo is a dedication to my mom, who passed away 2 years ago from breast cancer. She was the 'broken china' lady, she created the business of making jewelry out of china, and did that for over 25 years. So this is why I got the teacups.
This little butterfly looks so lonely without the rest of the tattoo. I cant wait to finish it, it feels a bit empty now with all of these gaps! But I love how it is coming together. I love all of the colors!

we havent taken photos like this together in forever! im so happy we did!
If you want to know who tattoos us, its Brian Johnson from austin.

Hope you like!

I have so much to post about its crazy. Sorry ive been MIA for so long now. I need to get back with it. My nanna checks my blog every morning! I love you Nanna!