Adorable Wooden Necklaces

I just wanted to share these babies with you because I think they are so stinkin cute. One of the newer collections in the shop are these fun wooden pendants. So far these are the ones up and available, but I also have pink, black and red umbrellas coming, as well as red and black scissors and white and gold bows. They are just so cute!

And in each listing you get to choose your own yarn color!

I think the banjos are my favorite! Go hunt them down in the shop :)


As for today, it will consist of bird sitting, house cleaning (not my own), photo jewelry creating, and continuing to work on a big order for Ruche.

Highlight of my day is sending of some very very special fabric to my buddy Shauna of Poor Pitiful Pearl to have her do her magic and make me the most special top a girl could own. It is going to be made from pieces of fabric my mom had in the 70's, one of my dad's old work shirts, some of my baby clothes, a piece of my best friends shirt, a piece of my wedding dress, and other oh so special things. I cant wait!!!!!! Ill post more about when I get it in a few weeks! This is my birthday present to myself! I think I deserve it :)