Photo Wood Blocks

Hopefully today when I get my traveling and bird feeding done, I am going to be working on a custom order necklace for my friend Shauna from PPP... And when I sit down to do any photo jewelry work, I like to do a bunch at a time, because it is such a process... so I think I might work on some more photo blocks while Im at it. I think its time I get these babies back on the market. I love the look of them so much. You can do so many different layouts with them.

Just one next to a little lamp on the wall or on the desk. One on your work desk. Put them in a row above your bed, or in square of four or eight. The possibilities are really left up to your imagination. They can be hung or set anywhere flat.

And Beth, if you are reading this, I am also going to be working on some for the shop, and some photo jewelry!

Unless of course it decides to rain on me again. It has been so muggy outside that I cant get these projects done on the days I have had time to. But dont worry girls, I am getting there!