Birthday Presents!!!

So, tomorrow is mah birthday! And James decided to give me my gifts early! I love everything, he is the sweetest boy :)

First, we have Ponyo! Believe it or not, I havent seen it yet, being the Myazaki fan that I am. So I am ready to see it!

A Rocky Votolato cd that I didnt have :) Makes my heart happy.

A handmade coupon for a free massage!!!

Check out these rules, so adorable...

And... a pink flip video camera!!! I adore it! So we will have videos from the party!!!

Here is a quick pic of my new hoop :)

We seasoned our grill tonite.

This was my dinner, squash from the neighbors garden, yum!

And Mr. Noogs went back home with daddy today. He got really bad allergies and I had to blow his nose, so sad. Is that not a sappy face or what?

Ahhh, tomorrow, still lots of last minute cleaning and preparing...