O Bella Naturals Feature

I have been waiting for this moment for weeks now! I am so excited to share that my friend Betsy from O Bella Naturals is the current featured seller on etsy! This is so wonderful to me, because Betsy is so deserving of this. Not only is her product simple amazing and wonderful, she is the most down to earth, sweet girl. I am honored to have become her friend, even if it is only through the internet, for now!

If you have never been to her shop, please go check it out. Every penny you spend will be completely worth it. I smile every time I take a shower with her soaps. I will seriously never buy another soap for as long as I live, that is how wonderful they are! My current favorite is her new Xanadu, omg this soap is dreamy. Seriously, get some...

Also, is she not beautiful???

She makes very cool earthy and rustic jewelry out of natural stones that she has found herself. I love them, you cannot get much more natural than that!

You can buy her soaps in sample sets, that is how I started out, and realized I loved each one just as much as the others...

I also own one of her lip balms, the peppermint, and it is truly amazing. The best lip balm I have ever used, and I have tried several natural and organic ones, and have never quite been satisfied. I highly recommend them!

She just came out with new balms. I have not tried them, but I cant wait to. This will be the next thing I order for sure! Looks so creamy and yummy. She has a natural feel for smells, so I already know the smells will be hands down delicious.

And another newer product of hers is these organic cotton and naturally dyed head wraps. They come in 3 or 4 different colors and are so versatile. You can also wear it as a belt!

Go check her out!

And if you read her interview, which I think you should, she gives a wonderful shout out at the bottom to Violet Bella, Poor Pitiful Pearl, Pennythreads and Peace Love and Leener.