R.I.P. Noogs

I debated on whether or not to post this, but it is a part of life, as well all know.

The day that I was on my way to Louisiana, little Noogs passed away. He is going to be very missed by many people, even the people who have their toes bitten by him. You couldnt help but love him no matter how grumpy he was, and oh geez was he a grumpy little one, dont let the sweet face deceive you :)

He was a one man dog, my dad's dog. It wasnt until my dad was plain out of sight that Noogs would decide to love up on you, except of course for the first few seconds that you show up at the house, then he was super excited, and wagged his whole body and gave you crazy amounts of kisses. Unless of course you are Shelley, then he peed on your purse!

His favorite toy was his Dalai Lama (a stuffed lama doll).

His favorite thing to do was hump a stuffed football, and anyone who has seen this sight Im sure will be permanently marked by it, I wont even go into details...

He loved to snuggle between legs on the couch.

His favorite spot to be was in my dad's arms, which he most often was, its like he was an extension of his body.

And he LOVED to sun bathe.

here he is on a pillow in the window sunlight...
here he is on Bella's window pillow when he spent the night at my house...
in my daddy's arms...
and now he is back snuggling with my momma :)

We will miss you little B-Noogs. You have been a wonderful 2.5 pound part of our lives, and you will never be forgotten.