Road Trip to Louisiana

First of all, I just want to say thank you for everyone's love and support throughout all of 'The Story of Us' posts... it was truly delightful to share our story, and I love that you guys enjoyed it too! It was nostalgic and fun to put together!

During the 4 days those were posted, we were actually on a trip to Louisiana to visit our friend Katelyn! We spent two of the days on the road and two visiting. It was the first time James and I had left the state together! It was so nice to get away for a while.

Our trip up there was much longer than planned b/c we got lost twice! Ha ha, and its a straight shot up there! We got lost for 45 minutes in a PARKING LOT trying to find a starbucks, how silly is that??? Needless to say, we were super frustrated by the time we actually found it!

Anyway, the first day spent there, we took a little walk around their neighborhood and Leena rode in her wagon with her bunny :) I found a Texas sign and made James take a pic under it!

Katelyn wore her teddy bear shirt 'Isabel'
Leena was a mix of happy and grumpy on the ride
James got her to giggle though, she loves him
Katelyn made an amazing tent for us over the couch bed. Made from strips of fabric around a hoop at the top, and she hung star lights and butterflies in it, it was so magical.
The next day we went New Orleans... James got us around everywhere on the whole trip with his new phone's GPS, he is so pround of it.
We got our picture in front Blue Dog, the one spot I wanted to go to. They got a super nice new location across the street, its all big sparkly!
We went to Cafe DuMonde, and I finally got to try a beignet and REAL cafe du monde coffee. I had already had two regular mornings cups of coffee and a latte on the way their... but I couldnt resist. I thought I was going to be sick when I stood up, but it was SOOOO GOOOOODDDD!!!
Leena loved it too, although she only took one tiny bite of the beignet and really just kept dipping her finger in the sugar :)
me and my cup of coffee! and the crazy wind blowing my earrings!
James is such a stud.
Katelyn and Leena :)
I took lots of pretty pics of the buildings, my favorite part of the French Quarter is the buildings and their textures. I could spend all day long photographing doors and cracks, geez.

The morning we left Leena got sad and watched us take off out the window. It was heart breaking. We love her so much.
On the way home, James gave me one of my anniversary gifts, Willie Nelson's new box set! I was so happy. We listened to all four discs from the border of Texas, all the way home. It was glorious and made the trip so very special, since the day we were driving home was our 3 year anniversary. We were so sweet to each other the whole way home, it made me forget I was in the car for so long.
And now James has the travel bug and wants to go everywhere!