The Story of Us - Part 1

Coming up on the 22nd is James and I's 3 year anniversary, so I thought Id do a 4 day blog party about our relationship. I have actually never blogged about our wedding or anything, so this will be fun! And take me back down memory lane a bit!

These photos do not start from the beginning, but close enough...

We have been friends since the 7th grade. When he first met me, I was his cousin's best friend. It was before I really became girly at all, and when he met me I had on baggy jeans, a big guys tshirt, tennis shoes, a bob hair cut and bushy eyebrows without makeup. Needless to say, he thought I was a boy! ha ha. seriously. Then he taught me and his cousin how to skate on his mini ramp. I just busted my ass alot! But it was fun and I thought he was cute.

Speed up a few years, in freshman year, I actually dated his brother! Although that didnt last very long. Then both James and I got into long term relationships, and always remained friends. We had photography class together and would always skip class and he would skate and I would take pictures. Technically we had permission to 'go take photos' so I guess it wasnt really skipping class, we just werent very serious about the 'taking photos' part :)

Then there was like a two week period that we both had broken up with our 'mates' and we had a little fling. Well, coming from a very small town, it turned into a HUGE thing and EVERYONE hated us for a long time. We got the meanest glares from all the football guys and girls when walking down the halls (his ex girl was friends with them all). Which was funny b/c James was (and still is) a skater.

Anyway, we both got back with our 'mates' and didnt think much of it for years. After high school he and his girl broke it off, but I stayed with my boyfriend for 8 years. We thought we were going to get married at one point. We moved in with each other for a few years, and things were just not right for me and I eventually had to end it.

Then, James popped right back into my life. And he never left! ha ha. My mom told that she felt like he was always waiting for me, since we were younger.

All of these pics were taken while we were first dating. I have tons of pics, so these are just a few.

I had blonde hair :)

(this was when we were just friends)
we were all dorky and matchy :)
folk festival laying on a blanket
when we used to love the Grotto, we went on ALOT of dates there, and gosh i miss this hair, it was blonde, black and orange!
we were always taking silly pics together, and again, all cute and matchy!
the beginning of me making him take artsy pics with me!

more to come each day!!!