Ruche Giveaway & Vintage Update

I almost forgot to let you guys know that RUCHE is having an awesome giveaway, and one of my necklaces are included in the rewards! Its super easy to enter, and you have until Oct. 15th to do so.

Also, they have added many more Violet Bella pieces to their website, so pop on over to their website, and type in violet bella in the search bar to go directly to all of my work there.

And speaking of GIVEAWAYS... ill be announcing the winner to my fall giveaway sometime later today, so be on the lookout!

I started uploading a few vintage pieces into the shop! Most of what I have is very fall inspired, so I couldnt be more excited to have this project up and running just in time for the chilly season.

Ill be posting more and more each day! Just keep posted in the shop.