Tis the season for PICNICS!

This cool weather has made me picnic crazy! Since the other day that I had a little picnic with Violet, weve had two more!

One evening we brought Bella and Violet into the backyard with us, and we bbq'd bacon wrapped chicken and veggies, it was so yummy.

Violet pretty much explored on her leash the whole time...

(the headband im wearing is from Lune Vintage)

James and Violet gave each other some lovin'.
Bella pretty much laid around in various parts of the yard.
The tree we sat under, I love this tree. In the fall it turns the most magnificent shade of orange.
of course, my modelo.
Leaves from the tree next to the other one. This one has super spikey thorns.
On our other picnic, we went to our friends house that has a tee pee. Thats where we tooks the shots from last post of my PPP shirt.
And I made James a teddy bear shirt! Is this not the most adorable thing? I dont even have my own yet!!!
I have spent hours this week working on my new calendar. I was hoping to have it released by now, but its taken much longer than anticipated. But its so cute!

A few new things got posted to the shop yesterday, pop on over and check it out!