Saves The Day concert

Last night we drove up to Austin to see one of our favorite bands play, Saves The Day. The show was at Stubb's, which I had never been to but was always curious about. Pretty cool venue, beautiful night, amazing moon and clouded sky with a breeze. Could not have been a better setting. The show itself honestly was disappointing to me. I hate to be so negative, but I guess b/c Saves The Day was not headlining, Say Anything and Motion City Soundtrack were... they played a rushed show and the sound guy did not know what he was doing. But it was nice just to see Chris Conley for a bit and here his lovely voice.

Say Anything was pretty cool live. I did enjoy that. But Motion City Soundtrack does nothing for me anymore. Maybe Im just getting old. I feel like Im hungover today from standing so long, ha ha. Happy to be home today and happy that James has the day off! We are planning on planning nothing.

The entire night was most definitely worth it b/c our friend Jonny (below) had the best time of his life. It was so fun to watch him be so happy and have such a wonderful time. He is sooooo full of life. He even danced all by himself to one song.

quote from the night:
"i just have alot of love tonite, im sharing it with buildings"

I wore James green Noni beanie
Skyline Fever tee pee baseball shirt
skinny ripped jeans
green cons

Good times with friends must be had!