I feel so blessed to have the customers that I do. Every now and then I get a random something in mail, and it makes my heart so happy. Yesterday one of my newest online friends, Polly, who is absolutely the cutest red head Ive ever seen, sent me a card and a mini painting, along with the cute little beaded necklace in the photo below... All just because, a little thank you for becoming new friends.

Being able to create and sell the things I create as a living has been one of the biggest blessings of my life. I cannot think of another way of life for myself. Execpt for one day being a mother. But this is it. This is what I was meant to do. And little things like this make it so worth it for me. All of you guys, my readers, the people who buy my work, the people who appreciate from afar... all of you are what make this whole thing go round.


And of course, I had to throw a feet shot in there, what is up with me and feet? I cant stop! Sorry if its annoying. Its just something I do.

Big LOVE to each and everyone I have met along this journey of art and life.