Keepsake Gift Idea

Here is a simple but profound little gift idea...

I filled up 3 little jelly jars full of tiny trinkets that belonged to my mother.  My mom always stashed little things that she though was special, so I had a drawer full of these little things.  I divided them up into pieces I felt spoke to me about a certain person, and gave them to my Nanna, aunt & uncle for christmas.  They are really just to be kept on a shelf, as a little visual collage of their loved one.  Each one did have a mountain laurel seed, a wine cork, an old dice, a little buddah and a foreign coin, along with other random things of hers.

You can take this idea and turn it into anything keepsake, like for your kids with their little toys, balls or jacks.  Or even a little stash of your own 'precious' things that you would like to pass on to your child one day.  Be creative!