Meet Nutmeg

Over christmas we added a new little friend to our family.  He seems to be fitting in quite well with everyone!  Meet Nutmeg... he was lovingly handmade just for me by my aunt Lisa.  I was an extremely happy girl when I opened up this package.

Here is Bella hanging out with all of the babies!  I will never get over how beautiful she is, and sooooo photogenic...

Yesterday was James' birthday, and we spent the day driving in the hillcountry looking for cool homes for sale (even though we are not ready to buy, we love to drive and look), lounging around the house, we watched The Diving Bell & The Butterfly (and now I want to read the book), he played some video games with his best friend, and I discover Grooveshark and obsessively saved songs I love, so now I have a new playlist on the blog!  Its not as cute, and you actually have to hit the play button, but my music options are soooo much better than the last one, an so much easier!!!

In honor of my hubby's bday, go check out his shop!

And tomorrow is my next Top 5 Fridays... remember this feature is based on your input, so go on over to this post and leave a comment of what you would like to see a Top 5 of!!!