Top 5 Friday

 Today's Top 5 Friday comes from Brina of Rose Colored Glasses.

Her question was my top 5 movie quotes... I switched it up a bit to trailers b/c Im not a big quote person.  There are many I love, but out of context, they just dont sound as good.  So Im leaving you with trailers to 5 of my favorite movies.  This was a hard decision b/c I have lots of other movies I love just as much as these...

Amelie... I adore everthing about this move.  Audrey Tatou is just about the most precious actress.  I love the colors, the story, the music, the feel, the language, everything about this film.
Youve Got Mail... my all time favorite feel good movie.  I just love Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, and together they are just adorable.  I think I have this whole movie memorized.  Seriously.  Love it.
Rushmore... I love each and every Wes Anderson movie.  I love the simplicity of his movies, the way he directs, his visual imagery is superb.  He always uses the best music made just for his movies, and re-uses interesting characters throughout all of his movies.  Top favorite director... one of them at least.
Pulp Fiction... a long time favorite.  one that never goes out of style.  Quentin Tarentino is my other favorite director.  Love everything he does.  
My Neighbor Totoro... my favorite Hayao Miyazaki movie.  Again, I love everything he touches.  Favorite japanese animator, story teller, director, everything.  This is a magical movie that will make you fall in love with wonder and adventure.  I recommend seeing all of his movies.

Enjoy!  Most of you have probably already seen all of these, if not, go watch them!