Top 5 Friday

Today's TOP 5 FRIDAY comes from  Heather over at Ramblings From The Animal House...

Top 5 Favorite things in my home:
(this one was hard to narrow down, and I kept changing my mind, so Im sure this list could go on and on...)

1. The things my mother handmade.  Each one of these things is equally meaningful to me... the top left also has a quilt my aunt crocheted... the top right sun quilt was made by my mother when she was in her twenties...and I think the crazy quilt on the bottom right was also.  That one is unfinished, but I love it soooooo... The bottom left is a kaliedescope she made for Tiffany's, and is what sparked the seed of her business making Broken China Jewelry.  It tells a story in glass and china.  If there was a fire in the house, these would be the things I would grab. (besides my pets of course)

2.our babies.  and yes, I make the bed everyday so they can all be together.  And I sleep with the two matching teddy bears.

3. I adore my vintage velvet sewing chair, which was scored during a thrifting date for $10!

4.Moon, my mannequin.  Ive had her since I was about 14.  She is always changing her looks.  She used to do craft shows with me.  She used to pose nude up at the restaurant I worked at!  She fell in love with a mysterious artist once.  She has had quite the life, and I will take her with me anywhere I go.  (I mean, if I move, not like driving in the car with me all buckled up!  ha ha, if that starts to happen, someone please stop me!)

5. My photos on my fridge.  I love seeing my mommies face right in the center of all of my favorite peeps.  I love changing all the photos out from time to time.  It just fills my kitchen with life and memories.

Im going to need some more suggestions for my Top 5 Fridays soon, this is an interactive blog feature that comes directly from you guys!  So head on over to this post, and add your question.  Please read the questions before yours to make sure you are not asking the same ones :)