Chaos is one word for it...

So, I have consecutively missed 3 Top Five Fridays and 2 Makes My Heart Sing posts!  Wow.  Things have been super super busy over here the past two weeks.  Im ready to get back to normal.  But it may be a while, so just bare with me!  I have not forgotten about sharing those posts!

*I took this photo a while back for a diptych project titled Chaos, and I thought it was appropriate for this post, ha ha*

Gosh its been a while since Ive done creative self portraits.  Maybe Ill post some of my past favorites on here for you guys...

Progress report on house is that I am waiting for my taxes to be done, then on to the next step!

Im still having a $10 necklace sale to facebook followers only!  Add me if youde like to be in on it!

I could use some really good vibes today to help me get through a sticky situation.  xo.