Memories of Her...

I decided to create a new little series dedicated to my mom.  Little memories of her.  Things to keep her spirit alive, and things to look back on as I may begin to forget them.  This photo here is the essence of mother.  She was my best friend and biggest fan.  God I wish I could physically show her all of my creations from the past few years.  So here is memory number one, as it pertains to current events in my own life...

A few days ago, I stumbled across someone on etsy who is obviously copying my work.  It hurts my heart and makes me feel violated.  And I wish my mom was here today to talk about it b/c she of all people knew very much how this feels.  She started her jewelry business making pieces of art made from china dishes.  I am wearing one in the photo above.  It was her original idea that she birthed and brought to life, and over a course of almost 30 years, this baby grew to be a big beautiful very much loved idea.  After a few years of doing it, many others started to create the same things, even people who worked for her and whom she sold wholesale to.  It was a very sad thing to watch b/c I saw the pain and heartache it brought to my mom, and the disrupt it brought to our family b/c of fighting.  Yes, these things do cause real harm to real people.  It is a very sad thing to watch someone steal your work b/c they have no creativity in themselves.  So for years my mother just kept on doing her thing and creating works of love.  For the most part it was okay, b/c she was still able to feed her family and all of the important things.  But in the end, it very much had alot to do with her sickness I believe b/c it caused alot of stress and worry and strain on her business.  As these other peoples companies grew bigger with her idea, it was harder and harder for her to compete with them, especially b/c some of them were even having them mass produced in other countries.  Which is wayyyy sad.  But my mom always held her head high and stayed true to herself.  She never ever gave into changing her jewelry to become something more stream lined.  She always kept it true to herself, and I admire that about her so very much.  She has taught me so much about being an artist, and being myself.  So now that I am finding myself in the same boat, Im wishing I had her to talk to about.  Now that she has had a lifetime of wisdom on the subject, I wish I knew what she would say.  So, I guess my memory of her for this time, is just about being the amazing artist and business woman that she was.  And I pray that I do not let these people consume me and make me sick like her.  Im not saying that is what gave her her cancer, but I know that the years of stress about things like this definitely contributed to it.  I intend to slowly grow my business in the same manner as she did, with lots of hard work, lots of love, and by staying true to myself.

I love you mom.